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Miss Chan Profile

fanny chanMiss Chan is the Wai Hang company founder. She has been teaching screen printing for over 30 years and has set up Wai Hang Screen Printing Institute in Taiwan and Hong Kong. She has taught many students and their feedback is good. After the course they have some knowledge of screen printing and are interested in this field. They find their way to start their career, and get good results. We have a mission which is to promote the technology about screen printing worldwide. Let more people know what this is and have a place for them to ask questions. Miss Chan feels her work is meaningful.

As the internet is popular, Miss Chan wants to teach screen printing via this media. We want our visitors to learn the skill and ask questions from here. Actually, the internet is a good way for people to learn this skill. Especially for foreigners that are not in Hong Kong. If you have any questions about screen printing you can contact Miss Chan [ ] directly. She will answer you questions for free.

Below are the international awards for Miss Chan. To acclaim her contribution to screen printing technology.
Her email is

member award

Below are pictures of Miss Chan at screen printing exhibitions and teaching students in the classroom

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